20 Years of Wolfram: Sierpiński triangles everywhere

2022-01-15 Peter Burkimsher

Hypothesis 1: The most efficient algorithm is a Binary search on a sorted list.
Hypothesis 2: Everything is a binary tree.
Hypothesis 3: We can Quicksort the world together.

What does this have to do with Wolfram?
20 years ago, in A New Kind of Science, Steven Wolfram gave many examples of natural systems, fundamental physics, and programming in multiple dimensions.
I believe that every dimension is an XML tag, a field in a database, a column in an Excel spreadsheet.

The mathematical tool of cellular automata, a form of 2D visual programming, can be used to distil simple algorithms from complex, apparently random, behaviour.

What does a binary tree look like in culture?
Let's look at a collection of culture categories from sortLikes.
technically this meta-list could be in a hierarchy of folders with only 2 items, but if it still fits on my laptop screen, it's good enough for engineering purposes today.

All the algorithms appear to be: "please" input, "thank you" upwards, "suggest" ideas, "keep trying" feedback, "love your neighbour" sideways , and "grow", "create the next generation" downwards.

Is this finished?
Apologies, I would've liked to add more notes, references, ideas, full sentences, etc, but you're smart, and you'll figure it out.

What's the goal?
Say thank you to those who came before.
Minimise entropy.
Maximise connectedness.
Teach those who come after.

💻 Software | [-]

Games: LogoWriter? Scratch?
Subsets: {"App Page", "Information Technology Company", "Internet Cafe", "Internet Company", "Internet Service Provider", "Software", "Software Company", "Web Designer"}

There are 2 hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-1 errors.
-- Phil Karlton, Leon Bamboogiewoogie @secretGeek, Martin Fowler

Off-by-one errors:
not knowing 0 and 1
Naming things:
this.func() ≠ that.func()
Cache invalidation:
i forgot

My younger son said “coding is basically just ifs and for loops.”
-- John Carmack @ID_AA_Carmack

Naming things.

for loop:
And we're back to Sierpiński triangles.

Wolfram - A New Kind of Science p717

"the remarkable assertion that the Principle of Computational Equivalence makes is that in practice this is not the case, and that instead there is essentially just one highest level of computational sophistication, and this is achieved by almost all processes that do not seem obviously simple."

"it is possible to construct universal systems that can perform essentially any computation"

-> There is only one most-efficient algorithm, and it's Turing-complete.
-> Rule 110 is Turing-complete, but I think that Rule 90 is more efficient
(fewer steps to neighbours, lower entropy).

Wolfram - A New Kind of Science p754

"Whether a pattern in a cellular automaton ever dies out can be viewed as analogous to a version of the halting problem for Turing machines."

-> Hypothesis: all patterns cease except Sierpiński triangle.

-> Proof: something to do with prime numbers becoming less common, but I'm not a mathematician.
At 2n scaling, cellular automaton will reach Sierpiński triangle pattern rapidly.
Prime numbers will probably screw it up, but for a finite time, until another prime fixes it.

🏠 Accommodation | [-]

Games: Doll houses. Monopoly.
Subsets: {"Bed and Breakfast", "Cabin", "Campground", "Cottage", "Dorm", "Halfway House", "Hospitality Service", "Hostel", "Hotel", "Hotel & Lodging", "Hotel Resort", "Housing & Homeless Shelter", "Housing Assistance Service", "Inn", "Lodge", "Motel", "Residence", "Retirement & Assisted Living Facility", "Vacation Home Rental"}

Investment is in {stocks, bonds, property}
-- Wayne Chen

privatisation makes companies get richer
companies and banks profiting self will destabilise government

🎨 Art | [-]

Games: Free Draw!, skribbl.io
Subsets: {"Actor", "Art", "Art Gallery", "Art Museum", "Art School", "Artist", "Arts & Crafts Store", "Arts & Entertainment", "Arts & Humanities Website", "Camera Store", "Camera-Photo", "Circus", "Comedian", "Comedy Club", "Comic Bookstore", "Contemporary Art Museum", "Cultural Center", "Design Museum", "Entertainment Website", "Fictional Character", "Florist", "Glass Manufacturer", "Graphic Designer", "Hobby Store", "Just For Fun", "Lighting Store", "Modern Art Museum", "Museum-Art Gallery", "Performance & Event Venue", "Performance Art", "Performance Art Theatre", "Performing Arts", "Performing Arts School", "Photographer", "Photography Videography", "Theatrical Play", "Theatrical Productions", "Visual Arts"}

Games: Make up master
Subsets: {"Barber Shop", "Beauty Salon", "Beauty Store", "Beauty Supply Store", "Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care", "Beauty-Cosmetics Company", "Cosmetics Store", "Hair Extensions Service", "Hair Removal Service", "Hair Salon", "Lifestyle Service", "Makeup Artist", "Modeling Agency", "Nail Salon", "Plastic Surgeon", "Skin Care Service", "Tanning Salon", "Tattoo & Piercing Shop", "Teeth Whitening Service"}

Games: Dance Dance Revolution
Subsets: {"Dance & Night Club", "Dance School", "Dance Studio", "Dancer"}



perspective, choose point for "infinity" and draw lines from there

probably correlated with


simple steps, repeated.


memorise lines, scripted conversations. Running a program created by the screenwriters.

"Tragedy and comedy are the basis of all theater."
-- baskethead


rule of thirds. Contrast.

💵 Banks | [-]

Games: Monopoly
Subsets: {"Accountant", "Automated Teller Machine (ATM)", "Bank", "Brokerage Firm", "Casino", "Commercial Bank", "Finance", "Finance Company", "Financial Consultant", "Financial Planner", "Financial Service", "Insurance Agent", "Insurance Broker", "Insurance Company", "Investing Service", "Investment Management Company"}

Compound interest = recursion
currencies = naming things

Personal finance
Balancing budget is easy when all expenses are base-2 (e.g. $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64, $128, $256, $512). Tip accordingly.

☮️ Causes | [-]

Games: Natural Disasters
Subsets: {"Cause", "Charity Organization", "Community Organization", "Emergency Rescue Service", "Environmental Conservation Organization", "Environmental Service", "Government Organization", "Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)", "Nonprofit Organization", "Organization", "Organization-Institution Type", "Social Service"}

Love your neighbour

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Children | [-]

Games: Adopt and raise a cute kid
Subsets: {"Adoption Service", "Baby & Children's Clothing Store", "Baby Goods-Kids Goods", "Bridal Shop", "Child Care Service", "Child Protective Service", "Dating Service", "Playground", "Pregnancy Care Center", "Preschool", "Reproductive Service", "Teens & Kids Website", "Wedding Planning Service"}

Create the next generation. Welcome newcomers.

♻️   Cleaning | [-]

Games: Cleaning simulator
Subsets: {"Cleaning Service", "Dry Cleaner", "Janitorial Service", "Maid & Butler", "Public Toilet"}

Leave the world cleaner than you found it.
Pick up litter while biking to work, while walking a pet, while jogging.

Love your neighbour.
Pick up other peoples' litter, not only your own.

🏗️ ️ Construction | [-]

Games: LEGO
Subsets: {"Apartment & Condo Building", "Appliance Manufacturer", "Appliances", "Architect", "Architectural Designer", "Bridge", "Building Materials", "Campus Building", "Carpenter", "Carpet & Flooring Store", "Chemical Company", "City Infrastructure", "Commercial Real Estate Agency", "Construction Company", "Damage Restoration Service", "Electric Utility Provider", "Engineering Service", "Forestry & Logging", "Furniture", "Furniture Repair & Upholstery Service", "Furniture Store", "Gardener", "Home", "Home & Garden Store", "Home & Garden Website", "Home Decor", "Home Goods Store", "Home Improvement", "Household Supplies", "Industrial Company", "Interior Design Studio", "Landscape Company", "Mattress Store", "Mattress Wholesaler", "Metal Fabricator", "Mining Company", "Patio-Garden", "Public Utility Company", "Real Estate", "Real Estate Agent", "Real Estate Developer", "Real Estate Service", "Real Estate Title & Development", "Solar Energy Service", "Upholstery Service"}

Create the next generation.

🍽️️ ️ Cooking | [-]

Games: Sushi shop simulator
Subsets: {"African Restaurant", "Agricultural Service", "Agriculture", "Agriculture Company", "American Restaurant", "Asian Fusion Restaurant", "Asian Restaurant", "Australian Restaurant", "Bagel Shop", "Bakery", "Barbecue Restaurant", "Belgian Restaurant", "Bossam-Jokbal Restaurant", "Brazilian Restaurant", "Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant", "British Restaurant", "Bubble Tea Shop", "Buffet Restaurant", "Bunsik Restaurant", "Burger Restaurant", "Butcher Shop", "Cafe", "Cafeteria", "Canadian Restaurant", "Candy Store", "Cantonese Restaurant", "Caribbean Restaurant", "Caterer", "Chef", "Chicken Joint", "Chinese Restaurant", "Chocolate Shop", "Coffee Shop", "Comfort Food Restaurant", "Community Garden", "Continental Restaurant", "Convenience Store", "Cooking School", "Cr\u00eaperie", "Cuisine", "Cupcake Shop", "Deli", "Dessert Shop", "Dim Sum Restaurant", "Diner", "Donburi Restaurant", "Dongbei Restaurant", "Ethnic Grocery Store", "European Restaurant", "Family Style Restaurant", "Farm", "Farmers Market", "Fast Food Restaurant", "Fondue Restaurant", "Food & Beverage", "Food & Beverage Company", "Food Consultant", "Food Delivery Service", "Food Stand", "Food Truck", "Foodservice Distributor", "French Restaurant", "Frozen Yogurt Shop", "Fruit & Vegetable Store", "Gastropub", "Gelato Shop", "German Restaurant", "Gluten-Free Restaurant", "Greek Restaurant", "Grocery Store", "Health Food Restaurant", "Hong Kong Restaurant", "Hot Dog Joint", "Hot Pot Restaurant", "Hungarian Restaurant", "Ice Cream Shop", "Indian Restaurant", "Italian Restaurant", "Japanese Restaurant", "Kebab Shop", "Kitchen-Cooking", "Korean Restaurant", "Kushikatsu Restaurant", "Latin American Restaurant", "Malaysian Restaurant", "Market", "Mediterranean Restaurant", "Mexican Restaurant", "Middle Eastern Restaurant", "Modern European Restaurant", "Mongolian Restaurant", "Moroccan Restaurant", "New American Restaurant", "Night Market", "Okonomiyaki Restaurant", "Organic Grocery Store", "Personal Chef", "Peruvian Restaurant", "Pho Restaurant", "Picnic Ground", "Pizza Place", "Polish Restaurant", "Ramen Restaurant", "Restaurant", "Restaurant Supply Store", "Restaurant Wholesaler", "Russian Restaurant", "Salad Bar", "Sandwich Shop", "Scandinavian Restaurant", "Seafood Restaurant", "Seasonal Store", "Shabu Shabu Restaurant", "Shaved Ice Shop", "Singaporean Restaurant", "Smoothie & Juice Bar", "Soul Food Restaurant", "Soup Restaurant", "South African Restaurant", "Spanish Restaurant", "Specialty Grocery Store", "Steakhouse", "Sukiyaki Restaurant", "Supermarket", "Sushi Restaurant", "Szechuan-Sichuan Restaurant", "Taiwanese Restaurant", "Tapas Bar & Restaurant", "Tea Room", "Teppanyaki Restaurant", "Tex-Mex Restaurant", "Thai Restaurant", "Theme Restaurant", "Tonkatsu Restaurant", "Turkish Restaurant", "Udon Restaurant", "Unagi Restaurant", "Urban Farm", "Vegetarian-Vegan Restaurant", "Vietnamese Restaurant", "Wagashi Restaurant", "Wholesale Bakery", "Yakiniku Restaurant", "Yoshoku Restaurant"}


🍺️️ ️ Drinking | [-]

Games: Boba simulator // oh you kids are too cute and innocent
Subsets: {"Bar", "Bar & Grill", "Bartending Service", "Beer Bar", "Beer Garden", "Brewery", "Cocktail Bar", "Distillery", "Dive Bar", "Drink", "Duty-Free Shop", "Gay Bar", "Homebrew Supply Store", "Hookah Lounge", "Lounge", "Pub", "Sake Bar", "Whisky Bar", "Wine Bar", "Wine, Beer & Spirits Store", "Wine-Spirits", "Winery-Vineyard"}

Beer is safer to drink than dirty water, if you live in the Middle Ages. Breweries now producing hand sanitiser.

Wine settles over time, becomes more pure.

🚙 ️ Driving | [-]

Games: Mario Kart // subset of transport?
Subsets: {"Automotive Body Shop", "Automotive Consultant", "Automotive Customization Shop", "Automotive Glass Service", "Automotive Manufacturer", "Automotive Parts Store", "Automotive Repair Shop", "Automotive Restoration Service", "Automotive Service", "Automotive Store", "Automotive Wholesaler", "Automotive, Aircraft & Boat", "Car Dealership", "Car Rental", "Car Stereo Store", "Cars", "Driving School", "Exotic Car Rental", "Motor Vehicle Company", "Motorcycle Dealership", "Motorcycle Manufacturer", "Motorcycle Repair Shop", "Motorsports Store"}

Road code is programming code. Memorising it involves practice.

🎓️ Education | [-]

Games: Royale High
Subsets: {"Academic Camp", "Author", "Blogger", "Book", "Book & Magazine Distributor", "Book Genre", "Book Series", "Books & Magazines", "Bookstore", "Civilization Museum", "College & University", "Community College", "Community Museum", "Concentration or Major", "Education", "Education Website", "Educational Consultant", "Educational Research Center", "Elementary School", "Field of Study", "High School", "History Museum", "Independent Bookstore", "Junior High School", "Language School", "Library", "Literary Arts", "Literary Editor", "Middle School", "Museum", "Personal Blog", "Planetarium", "Private School", "Public School", "Publisher", "Reference Website", "Religious School", "School", "Science", "Science Museum", "Science Website", "Science, Technology & Engineering", "Scientist", "Speakeasy", "Specialty School", "Speech Pathologist", "Teacher", "Test Preparation Center", "Trade School", "Tutor-Teacher", "Website", "Writer"}

{reading, writing, listening, speaking, typing, singing, doing, going}
{reading, listening}

1. Read or listen to something in your target language.
2. Work out the meaning of a word you don't know (using a dictionary, teacher, context clues etc)...
Making an enormous word list is kind of taking the language out of the language.
-- laurieg

{writing, speaking}

writing is hard for me, because my hand hurts when using a pen
speaking is the most difficult for me, because it requires practice with human beings


typing is easiest for me, because I can copy-paste


most memes contain song references
singing is verbal copy-paste
background music, clapping along, waving: synchronises heartbeats


people can't read
people just copy what they see others doing
-> need to lead by example


new perspectives lead to new ideas

{sociology, psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, maths}

🎲️ ️ Games | [-]

Games: Roblox // so meta
Subsets: {"Amusement & Theme Park", "Arcade", "Board Game", "Escape Game Room", "Esports League", "Esports Team", "Fairground", "Game Publisher", "Games-Toys", "Gaming Video Creator", "Laser Tag Center", "Magician", "Professional Gamer", "Toy Store", "Video Game", "Video Game Store"}

Most games are about sorting a database, finding local optima (minima or maxima) and communicating a message
e.g. UNO is minimising entropy of colour, numbers

🏥 ️ Health | [-]

Games: Hospital roleplay
Subsets: {"Alternative & Holistic Health Service", "Aromatherapy Service", "Biotechnology Company", "Blood Bank", "Cemetery", "Day Spa", "Dentist & Dental Office", "Dermatologist", "Doctor", "Drug Addiction Treatment Center", "General Dentist", "Health & Wellness Website", "Health Food Store", "Health Spa", "Health-Beauty", "Healthcare Administrator", "Hospital", "Massage Service", "Medical & Health", "Medical Center", "Medical Company", "Medical Research Center", "Medical School", "Medical Service", "Medical Spa", "Medical Supply Store", "Mental Health Service", "Nutritionist", "Occupational Safety and Health Service", "Occupational Therapist", "Orthodontist", "Pharmaceuticals", "Pharmacy - Drugstore", "Physical Therapist", "Psychologist", "Psychotherapist", "Reflexologist", "Safety & First Aid Service", "Spa", "Vitamins-Supplements", "Weight Loss Center"}

WHO list of essential medicines.
Most frequent problems are in the I/O.
Most complicated problems are when there are interactions between organs.
Every organ is connected to the heartbeat.

🌍 ️ International | [-]

Games: Airplane 3
Subsets: {"Airline Company", "Airline Industry Service", "Airport", "Airport Lounge", "Airport Terminal", "Boat Tour Agency", "City", "Community Center", "Community Service", "Consulate & Embassy", "Country", "Country Club - Clubhouse", "County", "Cruise Agency", "Cruise Line", "Eco Tour Agency", "Exchange Program", "Geographical Place", "Historical Place", "Hot Air Balloon Tour Agency", "Island", "Landmark & Historical Place", "Language", "Local & Travel Website", "Local Service", "Locality", "Monument", "Neighborhood", "Port", "Public Garden", "Region", "Regional Website", "Social Club", "Society & Culture Website", "State", "State-Province-Region", "Statue & Fountain", "Time zone", "Tour Agency", "Tour Guide", "Tourist Information Center", "Township", "Translator", "Travel Agency", "Travel Company", "Travel Service", "TypeAhead", "Youth Organization"}

Travel expands the database of experience.

New ways of naming things.

Outside comfort zone is a good way.

Some countries are more welcoming of newcomers. Those countries grow.


🗞️ ️ News | [-]

Games: ?
Subsets: {"Advertising Agency", "Advertising-Marketing", "Broadcasting & Media Production Company", "Cable & Satellite Company", "Copywriting Service", "Course", "Entertainer", "Episode", "Internet Marketing Service", "Journalist", "Magazine", "Marketing Agency", "Marketing Consultant", "Media", "Media Agency", "Media-News Company", "Monarch", "Movie-Television Studio", "News & Media Website", "News Personality", "Newspaper", "Newsstand", "Party Entertainment Service", "Personal Website", "Podcast", "Public Figure", "Public Relations Agency", "Radio Station", "Show", "Signs & Banner Service", "Social Media Agency", "TV", "TV & Movies", "TV Channel", "TV Genre", "TV Network", "TV Season", "TV Show", "TV-Movie Award", "Talent Agent", "Writing Service"}

Propaganda? Naming things.

📈️ ️ Business | [-]

Games: Retail
Subsets: {"Auditorium", "Business & Economy Website", "Business Center", "Business Consultant", "Business Service", "Business Supply Service", "Career Counselor", "Commercial & Industrial", "Commercial & Industrial Equipment Supplier", "Commercial Equipment", "Consulting Agency", "Convention Center", "Corporate Office", "Counselor", "Employment Agency", "Entrepreneur", "Environmental Consultant", "Labor Union", "Management Service", "Market Research Consultant", "Meeting Room", "Motivational Speaker", "Office Supplies", "Printing Service", "Professional Service", "Recruiter", "Work Position", "Work Project", "Workplace & Office"}

I liked the idea of an org chart with the directors at the bottom and the people who make things actually happen at the top.
CEO is really the "servant of all" (with apologies to William Tenn)

Toyota Production System

muri: design out overburden
forgetfulness, cache invalidation
mura: design out inconsistency
naming things
muda: eliminate waste
efficiency, off-by-1 errors

🎖️️ Military | [-]

Games: Age of Empires, Unreal Tournament, Quake, Doom
Subsets: {"Aerospace Company", "Armed Forces", "Aviation School", "Defense Company", "Flight School", "Law Enforcement Agency", "Military Base", "Police Station"}

Strategy is more important than size of army.
e.g. King David, Sun Tzu

🎥️️ Movies | [-]

Games: ? // subset of media?
Subsets: {"Entertainment Service", "Drive-In Movie Theater", "Event Videographer", "Film Director", "Movie", "Movie & Music Store", "Movie Character", "Movie Genre", "Movie Theater", "Producer", "Video", "Video Creator"}

Plot is an echo.
Starts by introducing characters.
Foreshadowing of problems and solutions.
Then everything falls apart.
Hero sacrifices themself to save the day.
All the problems solve.
And everything becomes better than before.

🎧 Music | [-]

Games: Musical chairs // subset of media?
Subsets: {"Album", "Band", "Concert Tour", "DJ", "Event", "Event Planner", "Festival", "Jazz & Blues Club", "Karaoke", "Live Music Venue", "Music", "Music Award", "Music Chart", "Music Lessons & Instruction School", "Music Production Studio", "Music Store", "Music Video", "Musical Genre", "Musical Instrument", "Musical Instrument Store", "Musician", "Musician-Band", "Orchestra", "Playlist", "Private Members Club", "Record Label", "Song", "Symphony", "Ticket Sales"}

Echoes. Reverb.
KTV playlist.
Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees.
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz.

😸 Pets | [-]

Games: Adopt Me, Pet Sim X
Subsets: {"Animal", "Animal Shelter", "Aquatic Pet Store", "Dog Trainer", "Dog Walker", "Kennel", "Pet", "Pet Groomer", "Pet Service", "Pet Sitter", "Pet Store", "Pet Supplies", "Petting Zoo", "Veterinarian", "Wildlife Sanctuary", "Zoo"}

I saw a wasp help another wasp get its leg out of a gap between a light fixture and some siding...
I went and found how many neurons they have in their brain, I can’t find it now but it was under a million maybe 500k or so.
I thought it was remarkably complex behavior.
-- jcims

🏛️ Politics | [-]

Games: ?
Subsets: {"City Hall", "Government Building", "Government Official", "Government Website", "Intellectual Property Lawyer", "Labor & Employment Lawyer", "Lawyer & Law Firm", "Legal Service", "Political Candidate", "Political Ideology", "Political Organization", "Political Party", "Politician", "Public & Government Service", "Public Service", "Public Square - Plaza"}

Naming things.
Individual vs communal approach.
Ironic that North Korea, the most individualist country, professes to be Communist.
And the US, which professes to be the Land of the Free individuals, was built by welcoming newcomers.

⛪️ Religion | [-]

Games: ?
Subsets: {"The Holy Bible", "Apostolic Church", "Assemblies of God", "Baptist Church", "Catholic Church", "Charismatic Church", "Christian Church", "Church", "Church of Christ", "Church of God", "Evangelical Church", "Independent Church", "Mission", "Nazarene Church", "Nondenominational Church", "Presbyterian Church", "Religious Bookstore", "Religious Center", "Religious Organization", "Religious Place of Worship", "Religious organisation", "Religious centre","Astrologist", "Buddhist Temple", "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints", "Yoga Studio"}

The Bible is like the Rosetta Stone: it's the most translated work in the world, ~800,000 words long, delimited by verse, and generally translated with great care by literate members of society.
The academic value of projects like this is immense and it's great to see it on the front page.
-- david_allison

The Sierpinski Triangle is an excellent image of infinity, the eternal One.
We can never see the whole picture, but what little we do see teaches us to make ourselves 0 and make God 1.

It is through selfless, agape, sacrificial love, that Jesus died for us.
Likewise, we now lay down our lives for God's service, not for our own selfish gain.

🏀️ Sport | [-]

Games: Tag, skiing, sailing, swimming, skiing
Subsets: {"Amateur Sports Team", "Archery Range", "Athlete", "Baseball Stadium", "Batting Cage", "Beach", "Beach Resort", "Biking", "Boat Service", "Bowling Alley", "Canoe & Kayak Rental", "Coach", "Equestrian Center", "Fitness Boot Camp", "Fitness Model", "Golf Course & Country Club", "Gym-Physical Fitness Center", "Hiking", "Ice Skating Rink", "Lake", "Marina", "Martial Arts School", "Mountain Biking Shop", "Ocean", "Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company", "Outdoor Equipment Store", "Paragliding", "Park", "Personal Coach", "Personal Trainer", "Professional Sports Team", "Public Swimming Pool", "Race Track", "Recreation & Sports Website", "Recreation Center", "Recreation Spot", "River", "Rock Climbing Gym", "Rodeo", "School Sports Team", "Scuba Diving Center", "Skate Shop", "Skiing", "Skydiving Center", "Snorkeling Spot", "Sport", "Sporting Goods Store", "Sports", "Sports & Fitness Instruction", "Sports & Recreation", "Sports & Recreation Venue", "Sports Bar", "Sports Club", "Sports Event", "Sports League", "Sports Promoter", "Sports Team", "Sportswear Store", "Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue", "Surf Shop", "Surfing Spot", "Swimming", "Tennis Court"}

For exercise or competitiveness?
Competition is comparable to military.

Exercise can be part of regular routine
e.g. swim to soak nails, bike to work.

🚄 Transport | [-]

Games: Biking?
Subsets: {"Bus Line", "Cargo & Freight Company", "Energy Company", "Harbor", "Marine Service Station", "Railroad Company", "Railway Station", "Scooter Rental", "Storage Facility", "Subway Station", "Towing Service", "Train Station", "Transit Hub", "Transit Stop", "Transportation Service", "Travel & Transportation"}

Everyone says "thank you" to the bus driver
-> Bus drivers have the most glory.
Idea: Implementing a Universal Serial Bus service, with litter collection and postal delivery on the same vehicles, would be more efficient.

Bicycle-powered bus services can be organised by communities, with no budget and minimal hardware.

Idea: Implementing a Universal Serial Bus service, with litter collection and postal delivery on the same vehicles, would be more efficient.

🎛️ Hardware | [-]

Games: LEGO Mindstorms. Arduino and Raspberry Pi are educational but also pretty professional, lines are blurry.
Subsets: {"Audio Visual Equipment Store", "Automation Service", "Computer Company", "Computer Repair Service", "Computer Store", "Computer Training School", "Computers & Internet Website", "Computers (Brand)", "Electronics", "Electronics Company", "Electronics Store", "Mobile Phone Shop", "Phone-Tablet", "Robotics Company", "Screen Printing & Embroidery", "Sewing & Alterations", "Technology Company", "Telecommunication Company", "Tools-Equipment"}

Mechanical engineering
6 simple machines
{ Lever, Wheel and axle, Pulley, Inclined plane, Wedge, Screw }
inclined plane,
// gravity (?) // not only gravity // inclined plane is like a wide lever
// straight line
// fulcrum. fixed point on ground. GND 0. Triangle. Sierpinski Triangle.
// continuous motion, round circle (?) or a spiral? do circles exist? yes. ours are imperfect though.
// Maddy said it's the bearings that break in appliances.
axle, // turn, change the world // balance electron spin // balance like yin yang cosmic microwave background, 2 axles
pulley, // rotation equivalent to lever on wedge // bicycle is 2x pulleys with gears (cone), digital-analogue converter moving forward
screw // reproduce // make a spiral cone from a round circle and straight line.

{rocket engine's thrust, pistons of a steam locomotive} are PWM-controlled

Electronic engineering

Thank you Farhad for teaching how to debug a PCB with no schematic.
Lift inductors (the large square components with only 2 pins) to binary-search to find the short-out.

We will walk on streets of gold in the circuit of life.